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In a world that is constantly changing, cork is the ground you want to feel beneath your feet. 

Amorim Cork Flooring is part of Corticeira Amorim, the largest world producer of cork products. It is the market leader and contributes towards sustainability and innovation like no other player in the sector. 
Amorim Cork Flooring started in the 70’s, as a small cork flooring business born from the very concept of Circular Economy – a significant increase in the production of cork stoppers (Corticeira Amorim’s main business) led Amorim to make use of by-products, taking the first steps towards the leadership in terms of sustainable development.

Innovation and Design

Innovation and Design

Amorim Cork Flooring combines inspiration in nature’s purest values, with cutting-edge technologies. The result is a range of top quality, versatile flooring with undeniable sustainability and comfort credentials. Our unique coverings use innovative techniques to enhance cork’s natural properties and the portfolio integrates various solutions, some of which have revolutionized the traditional concept of cork flooring. From homes to hotels, restaurants to libraries, museums to offices, our products are suitable for any residential or commercial project looking for exceptional comfort and performance.

Our shared passion for cork

Our Purpose

We develop innovative and sustainable cork based flooring solutions to contribute to people’s health, comfort and future.

Nothing is wasted everything is transformed

Green production process

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